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Za is the brand of Shiseido, Japan,and always at the forefront of Asian fashion trends. These are retouching work for Za new makeup products in 2020. The producer is IAM Production, shot by Kota Watanabe, and retouching is from sElves.

To see more Za images, click here. Client:Za (Shiseido) Producer: IAM Production Photographer:Watanabe Kota Retoucher:Kei&Sihao@sElves Za是日本资生堂旗下的品牌,一直走在亚洲时尚潮流的前端。此次带来的是Za 2020美妆产品广告修图。制片公司是IAM Production,摄影师是来自日本的Kota Watanabe,修图来自创意精灵。

更多ZA图片欣赏,请点这里。 品牌:Za(资生堂芮姬) 制片公司:IAM Production 摄影师:Kota Watanabe 修图师:来自创意精灵的Kei和Sihao


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