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We are sElves, a Shanghai,China based post production studio specialising in Fashion and Beauty retouching .


Since 2011, sElves Shanghai have been working with many successful image makers in beauty and fashion in China; our clients are both local and international and include L’ORÉAL PARIS, SHISEIDO,LANCÔME,POND'S,SEPHORA. 


We promise each job we undertake will be handled with the highest care, both technically and aesthetically. You can enjoy a London-renowned highquality service here in China.


We would love to work with you in the near future.










The Team


After getting a BA degree in photography in the USA, Kei started his career when working as a photographic assistant there. Several years later, he went back to Tokyo and his career  progressed towards photographic retouching in both editorial and advertising, specialising in beauty and fashion. At his thirties, Kei went to London for further postgraduate study in Design Management and worked as one of the leading retouchers in a top firm there.


Such multi-national and over 20 years’ professional working experience keeps the  retouching studio he founded in Shanghai in 2011 developing steadily these years.






After completing a BA in Visual Art at Fudan University, Sihao once worked as a retoucher in several photographic studios. In 2011, she joined sElves Shanghai and have been working with many of the top advertising agencies in China under the supervision of Kei. 


Her fine art training and so many years’ elaboration of overall image effects can always earn adequate trust from our clients even before a new program started. Her high and quick comprehension of clients’ unique requests is also an adorable probability.







mianmian copy.jpg


Mianmian majored in Industrial Design in Zhejiang Normal University and once worked in a an animation company right after her graduation. In 2017, she joined sElves Shanghai and then began her career in advertising retouching formally.


With years’ painting experience, she has a clear understanding of the structure of human body and product. Her good command of digital illustration always enables her retouching work to almost perfectly satisfy our clients’  diverse and demanding requests which are hard to finish.




After graduating from Nanjing Forestry University in 2018, Jinzi once worked as a part-time photographer and a full-time assistant florist. And because of her rendering drawings experience for her demanding major Landscape Architecture during college priod and her spare but masses of efforts spending on photography and primary retouching, she became an assistant photographic retoucher in sElves Shanghai in 2019.


Under the guidance of Sihao for over 1 year, she has had much experience in regular  retouching work.

2018年从南京林业大学毕业后,金子曾经是一名兼职摄影师和全职助理花艺设计师。因为她本科专业园林高要求下的效果图制作经验以及她业余在摄影和基础修图方面作出的大量努力,2019年她来到sElves Shanghai成为了一名助理修图师。








As a 3-year-old white French Bulldog with pleasant black pattern, Baijiu once made an excellent performance in a fashion advertisement. He is also a little expert in client reception, although he always keeps sleeping most time of day. It’s a great joy just to listen to his rhythmed snore or watch him playing with himself in our office. We all love him so much for his cute look and funny gestures that can always release our inevitable pressure and occasional depression.


I’d love to stress that Baijiu is a really, really cute guy!






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