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adidas neo

adidas neo is a sub-brand under the Adidas Group, promoting sport and leisure factor, and targeted primarily at the young generation. The spokespeople are Minghao Hou and Zu’er Song. The producer is Back To Basic Films and retouching is from sElves.

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Brand: adidas neo

Producer: Back To Basic Films

Retoucher: Kei&Sihao@sElves

adidas neo是adidas旗下的运动休闲品牌, 目标顾客以年轻人为主。此次代言人是侯明昊和宋祖儿等人。制片公司是Back To Basic Films,修图来自创意精灵团队。

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品牌:adidas neo

制片公司:Back To Basic Films



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