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ICICLE is one of the top fashion brands in China, founded in 1997 and insist on eco-friendly concept. sElves did the retouching for the lookbook of ICICLE 2019 F/W.

To see more ICICLE images, click here. Brand: ICICLE Retoucher: Kei&Sihao@sElves

ICICLE之禾成立于1997年,坚持在每个细节实践环保理念,是国内数一数二的高品质服装品牌。创意精灵此次是为ICICLE之禾在今年秋冬季推出的「自然之道」系列成衣LookBook修图。 更多ICICLE时尚大片欣赏,请点这里 品牌:ICICLE之禾 修图师:来自创意精灵的Kei和Sihao


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