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DUSTO is a fast fashion brand founded in 1995 and has set more than 30 regional agencies nationwide since then, mainly focusing on fashionable female shoes. These are retouching work of DUSTO #7 day shoes fashion # theme advertisement. The agency is Ogilvy & Mather. The producer is Ucan production. The photographer is KenNgan and retouching is from sElves.

To see more Sephora images, click here. Brand: DUSTO Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Producer: Ucan production Photographer: KenNgan Retoucher: Kei&Sihao@sElves

DUSTO大东是创始于1995年的快时尚女鞋品牌,已在全国设立30多个区域代理。此次大东#七天鞋时尚#主题广告,制片公司是Ucan production,制片公司是Ucan production,摄影师是KenNgan,修图来自创意精灵团队。


品牌:大东(DUSTO) 广告公司:奥美广告 制片公司:Ucan production 摄影师:KenNgan 修图师:来自创意精灵的Kei和Sihao


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