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As a world-famous brand of high-end cosmetics,Lancome is involved in multiple product areas such as skin care, makeup, perfumes etc. Lancome「L’ABSOLU MADEMOISELLE SHINE」bright lipstick brand new listing!Jiang shuying for its summer star color #525 MADEMOISELLE CHERRY shoot a fine pictorial. The photographer is liuzongyuan,the prouduction is D’ELE,the agency is Publicis and retouching from Kei&Sihao@sElves. To see more lancome images,click here. Brand:Lancome


Prouduction:D’ELE Agency: Publicis Retoucher:Kei Kawanishi & Sihao@sElves

作为全球知名的高端化妆品品牌,兰蔻涉足护肤、彩妆、香水等多个产品领域。 此次兰蔻「菁纯小姐」莹亮唇膏全新上市!江疏影为其夏日主打明星色#525人间小樱桃拍摄了精美画报。 摄影师是柳宗源,制片公司是制作公司D’ELE,广告公司是Publicis阳狮广告 ,修图来自创意精灵团队。 更多兰蔻大片欣赏,请点这里 品牌:Lancome

摄影师: 柳宗源

制片公司:D’ELE 广告公司:Publicis阳狮广告 修图师:来自创意精灵的Kei&Sihao


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