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GAP is one of the largest clothing companies in the United States. It represents the fashion sense of the average young American because of its simple, generous and casual style.

The popular star Chun Wu and famous photographer Chen Man have shot the advertising campaign together, reinterpreting the American casual style.The production is Central Studios,shooting from Mei yuangui and retouching from Kei&Sihao@sElves.

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Prouduction:Central Studios


Retoucher:Kei kawanishi & Sihao@sEleves

GAP(盖璞)是美国最大的服装公司之一,风格简洁、大方、休闲,代表着美国普通年轻人的时尚品味 。 人气明星吴尊和著名摄影师陈漫一起拍摄了本次广告大片,重新演绎了美式休闲风格。制片公司是奂镜, 摄影师是梅远贵,修图来自创意精灵的Kei和Sihao。


品牌:Lily 制片公司:奂镜

摄影师:梅远贵 修图师:Kei&Sihao来自创意精灵


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