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Sephora China: Lips

One of Sephora china beauty campaign year 2015, shot by Stockton Johnson in Shanghai. It's pleasure we are able to do retouching for Sephora beuaty campaign this year again. Brand: Sephora Agency: BBH Shanghai Photographer: Stockton Johnson Production: D'ELE Management Retoucher: Kei & Sihao@sElves Shanghai 丝芙兰2015年的第一个广告大片,是由纽约著名摄影师Stockton Johnson在上海所拍摄的。我们非常荣幸能够与丝芙兰新的一年的广告大片继续合作修片。



摄影师:Stockton Johnson

制作公司:D'ELE Management

修图师:Kei & Sihao来自创意精灵上海


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