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Bosch campaign for an industrial products in China, managed by Ucan Production and retouched by Sihao@sElves Shanghai.Bosch is a German multinational engineering and electronics company founded in 1886. They are the world's largest supplier of automotive components.To see more advertising,click here.

Brand: Bosch

Production:Ucan Production

Retoucher: Sihao@ sElves

中国博世广告带来的包装解决方案,由Ucan Production制作公司所负责的项目,修图师是来自创意精灵的sihao。罗伯特·博世有限公司(Robert Bosch GmbH)是一家总部位于德国格尔林根的电子工程跨国公司,由罗伯特·博世于1886年创建。更多广告欣赏,请点这里


制作公司:Ucan Production



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