Sephora Mask

Shanghai based beauty photographer Li He shot a fruity Venetian mask for Sephora China.

The mask was carefully retouched pice by pice like an art of jewels. To see more beauty images, click here.

Brand: Sephora

Agency: BBH Shanghai

Photographer: Li He@D'Ele Management&Production

Retoucher: Sihao&Junzhu@sElves Shanghai

由上海知名美容摄影师 Li He所拍摄的中国丝芙兰水果面具广告。这个面具是由修图师一片一片水果精心修制出来的作品。更多丝芙兰广告欣赏,请点这里


广告公司:BBH Shanghai

摄影师:来自D'Ele Management&Production的Li He

修图师:Sihao和Junzhu 来自创意精灵

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