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KUYURA/ Body Soap

Brand : KUYURA

Producer : KUIYOU

Retoucher : Kei&Sihao@sElves

Founded in 2005, KUYURA is a brand providing body care and cleansing related products such as shower gel, body lotion, and body cream.The producer is Shanghai KUIYOU, a company adhering to the Japanese AOI Pro advertising production concept, and has maintained a high level of advertising production with major A4 companies for a long time. The retouching comes from sElves.




诞生于2005年的可悠然,是一家专门提供沐浴露、身体乳、身体霜等身体护理及身体清洁相关产品的品牌。合作的制片公司是上海葵友,一家秉承了日本AOI Pro广告制作理念的公司,长期与各大A4公司保持着高水准的广告制作。修图来自创意精灵团队。



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