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Clinique is a world-famous makeup brand of Estee Lauder. This beauty retouching is made for Clinique’s new makeup products. The spokesperson is Yuanyuan Gao, a popular Chinese actress. The producer is D'ELE. The photographer is Charles Guo. Beauty retouching is from sElves.

To see more Clinique images,click here. Brand: Clinique Spokesman: Yuanyuan Gao Producer: D’ELE Photographer: Charles Guo Retoucher: Kei&Sihao@sElves 倩碧 (Clinique) 是隶属于雅诗兰黛 (Estee Lauder) 公司的世界知名化妆品品牌。此次带来的是倩碧护肤和彩妆产品的人物修图。代言人是中国人气女演员高圆圆,制片公司是D'ELE,摄影师是郭璞源。修图来自创意精灵。

更多倩碧大片欣赏,请点这里 品牌:倩碧 (Clinique) 代言人:高圆圆 制片:D'ELE 摄影师:郭璞源 修图师:来自创意精灵的Kei和Sihao


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