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Beauty photographer Justin Cooper, based in Paris/Shanghai, shot the elegant beauty visuals for Vogue China.These sublime jewels on the model were provided by Chanel.Retouched by Kei & Junzhu @sElves Shanghai.To see more Vogue China images, click here.

美容摄影师大师Justin Cooper,常驻于上海和巴黎,为Vogue拍摄了一组优雅的大片。佩戴在模特身上的昂贵华丽的珠宝是Chanel所提供的。修图师来自创意精灵的Kei和 Junzhu。更多时尚大片欣赏,请点这里

Clinet:Vogue China

Photographer:Justin Cooper

Retoucher:Kei & Junzhu @sElves


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