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Sephora Make Over

Sephora run a great beauty campaign named "Beauty Transformer" last November. It opened across four major cities, Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and Nanjing, in China.

The Make Over KVs were used for this campaign.

One of the famous makeup artists and photographers beautifully changed the ordinary people who selected from the applicant. Needless to say, the result is amazing.

Photographer: Justin Coper. Agency: BBH Shanghai. Retoucher: Kei & Sihao@ the Shoemakers Elves Shanghai

美容大片Sephora Make Over用作于丝芙兰品牌举行的“美力大篷车”活动引起大家的关注,这是丝芙兰在北京、上海、广州、南京四大城市进行的全国巡演。


摄影师: Justin Coper 广告公司:BBH上海

修图师:Kei 和 Sihao来自创意精灵上海。


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