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Za is the brand of Shiseido, Japan,and always at the forefront of Asian fashion trends. These are prodution retouching work of Za x PAC-STORE Limited colour makeup.The agency is ADK. The creation is from Solarmoon Studio, shot by Kota Watanabe and retouching from sElves.

To see more Za images, click here. Brand: Za (Shiseido) Agency: ADK(Shanghai) Creation: Solarmoon Studio Producer: Fanshe Space photographer:Kota Watanabe Retoucher:Kei&Sihao@sElves

Za 是日本资生堂旗下的品牌,一直走在亚洲时尚潮流的前端。此次带来的是一组Za x PAC-STORE吃豆人限量彩妆产品KV修图作品。广告公司是上海ADK,创意来自Solarmoon Studio,制片公司是上海繁舍文化传播,摄影师是来自日本的Kota Watanabe,修图来自创意精灵。

更多ZA图片欣赏,请点这里 品牌:Za(资生堂芮姬) 广告公司:ADK(Shanghai) 创意策划:Solarmoon Studio 制片公司:上海繁舍文化传播中心 摄影师:Kota Watanabe 修图师:Kei&Sihao@sElves


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