April 20, 2015

Hong kong fashion photographer, Tim Wong shot beautiful visuals for Lane Crawford. Tim has worked with the best directors in Asia such as Wong Karwai.To see more images, click here.


香港著名的时尚摄影师Tim Wong带来了连卡佛的时尚大片,他曾与亚洲顶级导演王家卫合作过艺术创作。更多时尚图片欣赏,请点这里


Brand:Lane Crawfo...

December 23, 2014

Hong Kong based make up artist Zing's exhibition visuals, shot by beauty photographer, Justin Cooper, and retouched by beauty retoucher Kei@sElves Shanghai.To see more beauty images,click here.

MakeUp Artis: Zing

Photographer: Justin Cooper@bloc productions

Retoucher: Kei...

January 20, 2014

The cover shot and a beauty story for Harpers Bazaar HK "November" issue.

Shot by Justin Cooper, beauty master based on France,China,Australia and United States.


Retoucher are Kei & Sihao @elvesshanghai.


时尚芭莎杂志的封面拍摄和11月的内页故事,是摄影师Justin Cooper的作品。

Justin Cooper是一位专注于美容摄影的...

December 11, 2013

The works titled "The New Classic" displayed in exhibitions inspired by Chinese artist Feng Zheng Jie in Hong kong and Beijing, shoot by Justin Cooper, retouched in Shanghai by Kei with Wen.


名为“The New Classic”作品是中国艺术家Feng Zheng Jie的作品,在上海和香港展览馆展出,作品是由摄影师Justin Cooper在...

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